October 23rd, 2011

krazy koati

Roast beef on Sunday's all right

On Friday, bunny_hugger and I were able to sleep in to a reasonable hour. Our plan for the weekend was to go to Cedar Point, in Sandusky, Ohio, and to stay in a hotel on the peninsula --- The Breakers --- rather than come back home the same day. This would allow, obviously, much more time at the park, and skip the burden of six-plus hours of driving in going there and returning the same day.

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And we could sleep in anticipation of a big Saturday. It would be bigger than we figured.

Trivia: The foamy head of beer is held together by proteins; the largest proteins, with molecular mass above five thousand, create a stable head. Source: Molecular Gastronomy: Exploring The Science Of Flavor, Hervé This.

Currently Reading: The Edge Of Forever, Chad Oliver.