October 28th, 2011

krazy koati

We'll make you a movie that's long and immense

Dramatis Personae: Programmer, Second Programmer, IT Person, Client Relations

Location: A conference room, after considerable yet somehow insufficient conferencing.

Second Programmer: So that's all there is to say about the system's slow responses.

IT Person: You're certain you've addressed that enough today?

Collapse )

Client: See, this is what keeps these meeting valuable. I never learn stuff like this outside them.

Trivia: The (three) meals for the Gemini VI astronauts' first day of flight were stored in compartments beside the knees of both crew. The second day meals were in the right aft food compartment. Source: Gemini 6: The NASA Mission Reports, Editor Robert Godwin.

Currently Reading: Alvarez: Adventures Of A Physicist, Luis Alvarez. You know, he did a lot of interesting stuff, and yet, his tone is just a little ... mm ... you know how Richard Feynman's memoirs just about balanced the funny-guy/don't-wanna-be-around-him levels? Alvarez is not so uniformly balanced.