November 5th, 2011

krazy koati

He's caught in a mass of computerised trivia

Teaching has forced some changes at my day job, too. The trouble is I have to teach two days a week, and there's just no getting across the state on a regular basis for that as a regular thing. But my boss agreed to let me try doing three ten-hour workdays, putting me to about the same number of working hours as the four eight-hour days have gone.

I think it's going well, despite the traces of uncertainty I can detect there. The most surprising to me thing is I seem to get a second wind around four to six pm, and as I face being there until 7 pm, that gives me an extra productive stretch which isn't chopped off by the close of the workday. That's not to say the rest of the day is a perfect waste, but there's definitely times I'm working better and times I'm programming more economically, and that's the hours.

The other good thing, for me, is that now I'm only getting up at 6 am three days a week, and never for more than two days in a row. I realize there are morning people who naturally get up at unspeakable hours, but I'm not among them and never will be. But one or two days in a row, I can take, and on the days in-between I can get a full eight hours of sleep, and that's making a tremendous difference. I'm hoping that the routine of stuff at work is none too challenging or terrible over the next months, as I'd greatly like to stick to this schedule even after the term ends. If I can show the boss that I'm doing at least as well, the signs are good.

(I suppose I also could just not mention the course had ended and let things fall into the always-done-things-this-way, but that would be a little bit naughty.)

The only disappointing matter is it's wiped out my chances to get to Wednesday evening yoga, or nearly any classes they have listed. There's Friday and Saturday morning classes, but those are awfully morning, you know.

Trivia: NBC aired President Eisenhower's ``chins-up'' address on the space race and national defense the Sunday after Sputnik II launched Laika into orbit. ABC stuck with the scheduled airing of Walt Disney's Zorro. Source: A Ball, A Dog, And A Monkey: 1957 --- The Space Race Begins, Michael D'Antonio.

Currently Reading: Blondie: The Bumstead Family History, Dean Young, Melena Ryzik. And there's even one chapter in which strips from before 1990 are printed, about the founding of the strip and the big marriage. But for between 1935 and 1990, there's, one strip, if I count right. And a vague idea about the radio, TV and movie spinoffs.

PS: How To Recognize Multiples Of 100 From Not So Far Away, following up some earlier threads.