November 17th, 2011

krazy koati

Looking to see what it's all about before she can be satisfied

Also, for my Pay The Rent watch, the game was played on The Price Is Right Salutes The Armed Forces, on Veterans' Day. Somehow I wasn't expecting it, although the game with its theoretical $100,000 payout seems like a reliable one in the For The Troops shows.

Just because it was a Salute The Armed Forces episode doesn't mean they made the game at all easy, though. This might've been the toughest cluster they've had yet, in fact. The prizes were a bag of pretzels ($2.99), bow tie pasta ($1.69), a five-pound bag of charcoal ($3.99), drink mix ($0.29), frosting ($2.49), and mustard ($1.99). Apparently none of the products was a paid sponsorship as they didn't mention names, and Drew Carey even corrected the contestant who picked 'Kool-Aid' by saying 'drink mix' until the anonymization became clear.

The contestant put the Kool-Aid in the bottom ($0.29 for the level), pasta and frosting in the second ($4.18 total), pretzels and mustard for the third ($4.98) and should have bailed out there, although I confess I thought it would be plausible that the charcoal might be more than five dollars. But it wasn't, and the contestant went on, and lost everything.

The only correct ordering I could find was the frosting on bottom ($2.49 for the level), pretzels and Kool-Aid on the second ($3.28), pasta and mustard on the third ($3.68), and charcoal on the top level ($3.99). The range in prices is tight enough, a mere $3.70, but the range in level totals is just $1.50. That seems almost impossible to beat, unless you decide you're fine with the $10,000.

Trivia: When George Eastman bought his first camera, in November 1877, it cost $49.58, and the needed lessons were another five dollars. Source: The Company: A Short History Of A Revolutionary Idea, John Micklethwait, Adrian Wooldridge.

Currently Reading: The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History Of Empire And War, James Bradley.

PS: Descartes and the Fear of the Negative. No, I haven't forgot about this 'e' thing I was explaining.