November 30th, 2011

krazy koati

Now that you've found your paradise

A somewhat embarrassingly long time ago I visited the Bronx Zoo, and took pictures of the Bug Carousel which they erected in around 2005. I promised bunny_hugger to show it to her, at least in photograph form. I did't want her to think I'd forgot even if I haven't sent her pictures fast enough. Please, enjoy.

Here, a woman at the Bronx Zoo just makes fun of a peacock, who maintains a relatively dignified reserve.
The Bronx Zoo also hosts a fair number of black squirrels. This one made me think of bunny_hugger at the time; I've thought of her much more since.
Here's the approach to the Bronx Zoo's Bug Carousel. It's not the glittering glass cage of Jane's Carousel, but it's pretty well-shaped to the carousel within.
Here's the Bug Carousel from inside, with its prominent display of Zorak and a bee.
And a reverse shot from about the same angle. I should probably mention my optimism about the shutter speed, but anyone looking at the picture figured it out anyway.

Trivia: Hybrid corn accounted for about half a percent of planted corn acreage in the United States in 1933. By 1945 it accounted for about 90 percent. Source: Flash of Genius And Other True Stories Of Invention, John Seabrook.

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