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Coati mundane
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Saturday, December 17th, 2011

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Into the middle eight

Our plan for Friday was to meet bunny_hugger's parents (again), and to go to Crossroads Village, just outside Flint, for their annual decoration of the historic village in anachronistic but quite pretty lights. Also to get kettle corn. I like kettle corn, certainly, and bunny_hugger does too, but her father really, really likes it, to the point we were considering whether the trip as enjoyable as it might be might not be a disappointment after all should they not have any.

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But we did get home at something like a reasonable hour, and her parents got home at a reasonable hour plus one, and their dogs were to all accounts in good working order. The only depressing thing was that I had the e-mail from United Airlines encouraging me to check in for Saturday's flight home.

Trivia: While preparing for the extravehicular activity during Apollo 17's return from lunar orbit, Command Module Pilot Ron Evans found he could not hear the caution and warning tones on his headset, although his transmitter and receiver seemed otherwise normal. For the EVA he used the Lunar Module Pilot's communications carrier instead. Source: Apollo 17: The NASA Mission Reports, Volume 2, Editor Robert Godwin.

Currently Reading: The Jungle, Upton Sinclair. I'm spending some time reading books I just never got around to reading before, plus I got the copy for free anyway so why not?

PS: Eliminating Your Footprints, making sure once you've discovered something mathematical, nobody's left with that awkward idea of how you did it.

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