December 20th, 2011

krazy koati

``Now, what would you say ---'' ``I wouldn't say''

So, the interview of a guy with geographic information service expertise that I was maybe going to be part of this morning? Didn't happen. I couldn't say I was surprised, since as noted I take as contingent any of the boss's plans. But, there wasn't anything stirring this morning, and no call or e-mail saying that it was cancelled, and nobody was talking about it. But come the afternoon, ah, there the boss popped in and said he'd call me to pop in on the interview in a few minutes, which pretty much suspended all my actual work so I wouldn't be interrupted by a call which actually came about a half-hour later. I'll tell more of the story later; the late afternoon interview took up the time I might have used to write up the interview. My boss likes things that ``pop''.

The office's official Christmas Party had been on Friday, so I missed that in order to teach. It did mean Monday had leftovers in abundant tin-foil plates which had once been well-chafed. Now, they were just filled with very congealed grilled vegetables, or pork slices, or lemon chicken. They were extremely congealed, staying covered in a gelatinous film even after being microwaved two minutes, or else the microwave just isn't very good. Better, though, there was still plenty of cheese left over, at least through lunch.

There wasn't an office secret Santa this year, though, or if there was I was completely out of the loop of it. I didn't realize there wasn't one until Thursday or so last week, when I realized I hadn't picked a couple small items that would be suitable office-friend gifts. If I'd realized sooner maybe I'd have been the one to organize it, but I bet everyone says that when they're being overheard.

Trivia: In 1719, about three hundred debtors in London's Marshalsea debtors' prison died of hunger. Source: London: A History, A N Wilson.

Currently Reading: The Federalist Papers, Editors Charles R Kesler, Clinton Rossiter.

PS: Mid-Course Correction 1, a pause while I figure out how lost I've gotten.