January 7th, 2012

krazy koati

Make Someone Happy

The specifics of bunny_hugger's most recent, and most important, visit began last Wednesday when she started an arduous journey by bus and train to get to New Jersey. This was mostly to save the expense of flying, but it did have the secondary benefit that she could arrive at the train station near my office, and not too far off a reasonable time for me to leave work. As she had a Mi-Fi gadget now, too, she shouldn't be too far out of contact from the Internet, making for a much more pleasant trip apart from it taking very long --- overnight, in fact --- and the threat of running late.

Actually, I'd sort of expected the train would run late, which made for a frustrating pause when she got in on time and I needed to put in another hour or so at work. I'd likely have had to anyway, in trying to wrangle into place some programming problems, but the frustration of being this very close and not together weighed on me.

But the close of business arrived, and I dashed to the train station, and went back after a few blocks to set out again in my car this time. Another nice benefit of the train station is that we would be setting out from quite close to a Red Robin, and we could stop there for vegetarian hamburgers. As she'd not had a real meal in over a day, this was quite the right place to go. So we got to spend a good while delighted that we were together, and eating, and talking about all of you.

When we got back home we talked some more, naturally, and she got online with more reliable and higher-bandwidth Internet to assure everyone of how well things were going. But she was tired, and I was too, really, so we went to sleep not much past midnight, which is for us an early night.

Trivia: Between January and June 1887 five billion toothpicks were exported from Maine. Source: The Toothpick: Technology and Culture, Henry Petroski.

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