January 8th, 2012

krazy koati

I feel nice, like sugar and spice

[ Having a rotten Internet night. Verizon's tech support lady said if she were i my position she'd do the same things. I had phoned and said I was calling from a sense of existential futility. I suspect she'd not have said quite that. ]

I need to interrupt the chase for family emergency type stuff. Right now, so far as we can tell, everything is fine and is staying that way. But my father is in hospital and looks to be there until Tuesday.

It started with my father feeling his heart racing. He was worried about having an attack, and so, he made an urgent appointment with his doctor. While he was at this appointment --- just as he was walking in, in fact --- he felt his heart racing again, and so was raced across the street to the hospital. (My father was amused that they called out the emergency medical technicians and got an ambulance to wheel him from the physician's office to the hospital one block down. And I am too, really. But I also understand that the less they let things like ``how a patient gets admitted'' vary, the less likely stupid little errors are to happen. And my mother notes, if you do let a patient just walk himself across and he crashes mid-journey you have a real mess.)

We went up to see him today, and plan to tomorrow. As it is, there's no evidence that he's had any serious incidents. The doctor even said, if he didn't have an attack while he was there, they'd have probably sent him home with a diagnosis of heartburn. The evidence afterwards, including after an echocardiogram, is that there's not anything obviously dangerous going on. They do need to insert a catheter to make certain, but with the lack of clear evidence of danger they're treating it as a routine, low-priority operation and set it for Monday. So we teased him that he really went to a lot of trouble to avoid taking down the wreath and putting the Christmas tree ornaments away.

Anyway, my mother is not worried, my father's nurses aren't worried, and incidentally my father's doctor isn't worried either. And my brother --- the one who once and I am not exaggerating passed out for thirty minutes because he was chatting over the Internet with a friend who'd had blood drawn earlier that day --- both entered and exited the hospital upright and not at all nauseated. So we know it's nothing major. It's seeing various members of the clan gather in irregular groups in his tiny room. We also chatted on Skype with my brother, his girlfriend, and my young niece. I was delighted to see my father held the iPad horizontal enough that, by leaning over, I could enter the Skype picture frame upside-down. I concede this is immature, but I like it.

My sister-in-law couldn't make it to the hospital because she was sick.

Trivia: The 200-inch mirror for the Mount Palomar observatory was moved from Corning, New York, to California on the lines of the New York Central; the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy; and the Santa Fe rail roads. Source: The Perfect Machine: Building The Palomar Telescope, Ronald Florence.

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