January 12th, 2012

krazy koati

One face that lights when it nears you

Seaside Heighs has become for bunny_hugger and I one of those special, transcendant places. It was the site of our first real date, one of those rare perfect days. We've returned to it almost every time that she's visited New Jersey. We've seen it in its peak summer, its late summer, and its winter forms, including nestled up for frigid days. Sunday, New Year's Day, was not frigid; it was pleasantly warm for the season. And bunny_hugger had a decent reason to visit, as well: she hoped to get a carousel calendar from one of the souvenir shops there. This would make a perfectly natural reason for us to go there, to what seemed the obviously right place for me to ask her. (It meant also I could not give her that calendar as a Christmas gift, however much it would fit.)

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After a couple hours things settled down, relatively calm again, except that we kept looking at and smiling at each other even more than usual.

Trivia: In 1580 the commission appointed by Pope Gregory XIII, which set the modern calendar's rules, also wrote the clause attempting to standardize New Year's Day as the 1st of January, the date used by Julius Caesar. Source: The Calendar: The 5000-Year Struggle to Align The Clock And The Heavens --- And What Happened To The Missing Ten Days, David Ewing Duncan. However, the more I learn of calendars, the more sure I am that no attempt to standardize New Year's Day ever will achieve lasting success.

Currently Reading: Orbit, Thomas H Block. It may be a bad book (it is) but I can at least get the man's name right.