January 24th, 2012

krazy koati

If I grow up a singer wearing rings on every finger

Friday gave us another round of Pay The Rent over on The Price Is Right, which works out well since I didn't feel like writing anything interesting today. The prizes this time around was a bundle of those plastic containers you can reuse or just throw out ($3.49), a pack of taco seasoning ($0.89), some bankrupt mini-doughnuts (powdered, $3.99), RC Cola (still existing, technically, $1.79), a flea and tick collar (pet, $5.19), and dishwashing liquid ($2.09).

The contestant's pick for the base level was the taco seasoning despite Drew Carey's hint that the cheapest item did not necessarily go on the bottom ($0.89); the plastic containers and the soda on the second ($5.28); and she bailed out there with a sure $5,000 won rather than see what came next. As she'd put the mini-doughnuts and dishwashing liquid on the next level ($6.08) she could've got the $10,000; and while the collar was correctly placed on top ($5.19) she wouldn't have got the $100,000 anyway, as who ever does?

Best I can tell there's just one winning arrangement: plastic containers on the bottom ($3.49); soda and dishwashing liquid on the next ($3.88); taco seasoning and mini-doughnuts on the next ($4.88); and the collar on top ($5.19).

The range in item prices this time was $4.30. The season ranges have been $10.00, $3.70, $3.90, $3.90, $6.14, and now $4.30.

The range in level prices was $1.70. The season ranges have been $4.00, $1.50, $1.30, $0.99, $2.00, and now $1.70.

Trivia: When it sold its 35 percent interest in Disneyland in 1960, the American Broadcasting Company realized profits of seven and a half million dollars. Source: Inside ABC: American Broadcasting Company's Rise To Power, Sterling Quinlan. [ Technically, it was known as American Broadcasting-Paramount Theaters at the time. ] [ Also, ooooooh, over seven million dollars! Can you imagine! ] [ The previous bracketed expression should be read as by Frank Nelson. ]

Currently Reading: A People's History Of World War II, Editor Marc Favreau. (Oral histories, several of them taken from Studs Turkel.)

PS: Significance Intrudes on Contestants Row, the first of an attempt at writing shorter pieces as a result of some feedback which amounted to, ``I finally understand what you're talking about but you go on so long''.