February 26th, 2012

krazy koati

Got an axe in his hand

Saturday's plan was to visit Ann Arbor, and spend the day wandering a really great college town. We'd been there a few times before, for the arts, and for another February visit a couple years ago, although that one had started late because of my natural tendency to sleep in until 5 pm on weekends. We got going a bit earlier this time, in hopes we could get to stores before they were closed.

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We got back home from this magnificent, happy day at a reasonable time, and remembered to let bunny_hugger's rabbit out to romp around some. He's been shedding, rather a lot, to the point that he looked naturally like his fur had partially exploded, and there's been a lot of loose hair around. It was enough that bunny_hugger took a comb and brushed out enough fur to make a clump bigger than my hand. She joked that she didn't need her old rabbit anymore, she's made a new bunny. And then he shed about as much hair again. He's a large rabbit, but he's threatening to cover Lansing four inches deep in fluff.

Trivia: The ``International Aviation Contest'' held at Sheepshead Bay Race Track, Brooklyn, New York, in August 1910 offered prizes for (among others) greatest height; the fastest and slowest lap around the 1 3/8 mile course; the greatest distance covered in one flight; longest time in air; quickest start; and shortest distance covered before the machine left the ground. Source: Over Land And Sea: The Dramatic Story Of The Great Aviation Pioneer Glenn H Curtiss, Robert Scharff, Walter S Taylor.

Currently Reading: The Medieval Calendar Year, Bridget Ann Henisch.

Also, it turns out they do still make Eggos with chocolate chips. Who knew?