March 11th, 2012

krazy koati

I'm On The Hunt

Counter-Espionage is a curious entry in the Lone Wolf series: it takes Lone Wolf Michael Lanyard and Sidekick Jamison and drops them off in London mid-Blitz. Why? Well, I guess he wanted to hang around with naturally long-lived Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson or something. Look, it's a series of B-movie detective pictures and the Blitz was hot, that's all.

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Trivia: During its five years of life, the National Association (baseball's first major league) had 26 different teams in 17 cities, 11 of which failed to last one season. In 1872 five of the eleven teams folded before playing all their scheduled games. Source: Labor and Capital In 19th Century Baseball, Robert P Gelzheiser.

Currently Reading: The Pine Barrens, John McPhee.

PS: Little Enough Differences ... I plunge, maybe unwisely, into a key piece of analysis, because I want to talk about something different from this, but need this to go ahead.