March 14th, 2012

krazy koati

I'm Lost In A Crowd

The Lone Wolf In London is the next of the postwar Lone Wolf movies, again with Gerald Mohr as Lone Wolf Michael Lanyard, and Eric Blore back as Jameson. It opens in London again, only this time it was Jameson who was in Britain throughout the war, contradicting the previous movie and the movies made during the war. Clearly the only explanation is a multiplicity of alternate B-movie timelines to be merged at some future Crisis on Infinite Wolves.

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Lanyard pretty well calls it, ``a series of well-planned miracles by my uncommonly brilliant collaborator, Claudius Augustus Lucius Jameson'', except they left out the planning part.

Trivia: Admiral Sir John Byng, the only British admiral ever executed for cowardice, was shot 14 March 1757 on the quarterdeck of the Monarque, a captured French warship in Portsmouth Harbour. Source: To Rule The Waves: How The British Navy Shaped The Modern World, Arthur Herman.

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PS: Introducing a Very Small Number, by which I mean ε, and also a little bit about this fellow Cauchy.