March 19th, 2012

krazy koati

I observe the people, the ordinary people

My boss needed me, urgently, for a presentation at 10:30 am that Thursday and much as I wanted to be with my fiancee, he couldn't do without me. So like a good trooper I got up early in the morning --- and saw my mother in her rapidly deteriorating condition --- and made my way.

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Back home, the Toyota Something was outside, so I supposed that whatever my mother had wasn't too serious. Inside, it turned out my mother was staying in the hospital overnight, but, she was resolved to be back out Friday. bunny_hugger and I had a mildly early bedtime, because I had work on Friday, but, better work.

Trivia: Annual gin production in England in the middle of the 18th century was about eight liters per capita. Source: Tastes of Paradise: A Social History of Spices, Stimulants, and Intoxicants, Wolfgang Schivelbush.

Currently Reading: Steel Pier, Atlantic City: Showplace of the Nation, Steve Liebowitz. Among remarkable things shown off at the Steel Pier: the Gemini VII capsule, the world's largest typewriter (keys had to be pressed by a person jumping on them), Rex the Wonder Dog who turns out apparently to have been for real and not just a sarcastic reference to the dog who's done something dopey in your sight (seriously, doesn't ``Rex the Wonder Dog'' just sound nearly as sarcastic as, say, ``Lord High Admiral'' or something, and not just the name for The World's Only Aquaplaning Dog?), and then you get into ``what the heck, people?'' territory. Putting to the side the chapter on the diving horses but what the heck with those, people, there's Professor Nelson's Steel Pier Boxing Cats (``the funniest animal act on the American stage today'' and probably source of that grainy black-and-white footage Letterman drags out now and then), Abdy's Boxing Kangaroo, and then about Gargantua the Great, a gorilla who went from the Steel Pier to fame and fortune with the Ringling Brothers. But says the book:

``During his voyage to the United States in 1931, a sailor had accidentally thrown nitric acid on the gorilla's face, leaving a scar that looked like a hateful sneer.''

Oh, yeah. Sure. Nitric acid in the face accident. Happens all the time. What is wrong with people?