March 21st, 2012

krazy koati

'Cause I'm a star, and I can make you a star

My mother's hopes to come home Saturday, or at least go from the hospital bed to Manhattan and dinner, were foiled; she didn't have a long enough stretch without a fever. This would be pretty disappointing, as the major planned activity for this visit was for my parents and bunny_hugger and I to have dinner with one of my aunts and her husband. She's not biologically my aunt, but is one of my mother's college friends in part of a friendship bond that's strong enough that we just don't see it as not family. So having fewer people bunny_hugger was familiar with around was disappointing, but, it was possible that her brother would be able to come over after work and join.

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On the way home, we ended up going up Sixth Avenue to the Lincoln Tunnel. Along the way there was no traffic. I don't mean no traffic compared to the usual four-hour traffic jam going through the Lincoln Tunnel; I mean, no traffic at all. My father was proud of my inexplicable powers to drive through Manhattan as if that were a rational thing for people to do.

Trivia: On preparing his armies for the campaign in Autumn 1805, leading to the battle of Austerlitz, Napoleon ordered 500,000 biscuit rations to be prepared in cities along the Rhine, and that each corps was to live off the country to its left, requisitioning suplies and issuing receipts along the way. Source: An Edible History of Humanity, Tom Standage.

Currently Reading: Airlift 1870: The Balloons And Pigeons In The Siege Of Paris, John Fisher.