March 22nd, 2012

krazy koati

I believe that everybody in this audience's got personality and individuality

Sunday, my mother was still in the hospital. My father, I believe, had gone up to visit her before we woke up. Before I woke up, anyway. We did a little puttering around, but thought it would be fitting to go up and see her before bunny_hugger would have to go home, the next day.

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Regarding our traditions --- seeing a movie, riding a carousel, visiting Seaside Heights, going to the Silverball Museum, eating at our diner --- only the first two had been accomplished, between my work obligations and the disruption of my mother's illness. Most of these we could do without, but losing the chance to share a meal at the first place where we'd ever eaten together would hurt. Unless ...

Trivia: The House With the Bronze Door, a notorious gambling house at 33 West 33rd Street in Manhattan around the turn of the 20th century, had an outer door wrought iron several inches thick hung from an iron frame; and, inside, the bronze door, ornamental, which had once been in the Doge's Palace in Venice. Source: Satan's Circus: Murer, Vice, Police Corruption, And New York's Trial of the Century, Mike Dash.

Currently Reading: 4th of July, Asbury Park: A History Of The Promised Land, Daniel Wolff. Snapshots of the city at the midpoints of different summers and awfully interesting considering.