March 31st, 2012

krazy koati

Today you bought a new face

One thing which worried bunny_hugger when my mother started talking of coming out to see her was that my beloved wasn't sure what exactly my mother hoped to see. At the risk of reading my mother's mind, I'd say it's fairly straightforward curiosity: she wants to see the place where I'm going to be living, soon, besides hoping to meet bunny_hugger's parents. She'd made similar visits just to look around when I went to grad school, and for that matter to meet my advisor before he took me away to Singapore the first time, and on top of that to see Singapore for herself. Surely she'd be at least as interested in Lansing.

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The second part of the day would be bringing my mother into bunny_hugger's home, and introducing our parents.

Trivia: There were 47 minor baseball leagues in 1953. By 1960 there were 21. Source: Bottom Of The Ninth: Branch Rickey, Casey Stengel, and the Daring Scheme To Save Baseball From Itself, Michael Shapiro.

Currently Reading: Secret Wars And Secret Policies In The Americas, 1842 - 1929, Friedrich E Schuler.

PS: Thinking about the lottery, since I did some thinking about it. This I actually did while on campus, using the WordPress app on my iPad, a new form of content-writing and why it came out a little weird (to me). But I liked sitting in a little corner of the building and tapping out an article like that and posting it just as if that were a normal thing to do.