April 1st, 2012

krazy koati

Tried it on for size

Before we returned to bunny_hugger's home, we stopped at a chocolate shop nearby. bunny_hugger has brought chocolates to my parents from them, and my parents have been awesomely impressed with them. It happens I'd never been in there before so I got to see something for the first time as my mother did, too. The store has a wonderful selection of the varied candies as only an eccentric family business can. They had an impressive three-foot-tall solid chocolate rabbit up front, an impressive 75-pound object that's nominally for sale for over $500, although it's normally made for pre-Easter publicity and given to charity. We started buying candy, with the idea of getting a one-pound box to share with bunny_hugger's parents, and it turns out to take a lot of chocolates to fill a one-pound box if you're picking a couple at a time. My mother went a little overboard buying things, by which I mean a lot overboard.

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So all the major goals of the day were met, reasonably successfully. I just regret my father couldn't have been there.

Trivia: When Romania adopted the Georgian Calendar the days of 1 April through 13 April, 1919, were dropped. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: The Jersey Midlands, Henry Charlton Beck. Originally published (in 1939) as Fare To Midlands, and about lost towns of central New Jersey. Apparently there used to be a place known as Texas, which implicitly solves the mystery of why there's a Texas Road.