April 15th, 2012

krazy koati

Exercise those choppers on some good hard food

At work this week I gave in to the sense that boy, it's been a really, really, really long time and called my dentist to make an appointment. I need a cleaning, sure, and probably a checkup, and I dread whatever else might be needed. Actually, given how my mouth normally feels, I imagine I'm in quite good shape. But it's been a humiliatingly long time since my last dentist's visit. They were glad to accommodate me, and just had to check with their Great Big Book Of Official Subscribers. They didn't have me.

I confess I haven't used my dentist's since I signed up to the dental plan early last year, but I expected I should be on the rolls somewhere. So this set me off to some checking with the office secretary. I accidentally picked the wrong one, because --- I'd forgotten --- the secretary who does handle health and dental plans was out last year when the signup period was going on, because of health issues. But that just increased the flurry of e-mail exchanges over the issue.

Anyway, they're not sure how I got dropped, but the tipoff was I never got a dental plan card. I thought my ordinary medical card covered it. So, the secretaries made phone calls and e-mails and got my properly enrolled. My new dental card is supposed to arrive in a few days and I ought to be acknowledged to exist by my dentist. Now I just have to worry about not getting cavities.

Not yet answered to my satisfaction is: what has the withdrawal from my paycheck for dental coverage been going to, if not to dental coverage? I may not have used it, but if I've been paying for it, I want it to have been there. This may result in more odd experiences in my efforts against the bureaucracy. Stay tuned, unless I forget.

Trivia: 19th Century polymath William Marsden divided a Mercator map of the world into a series of numbered ten-degree squares, to better track ship accidents and sinkings. The Titanic sank in Marsden square number 149, one with relatively few reported incidents. Source: Atlantic: Great Sea Battles, Heroic Discoveries, Titanic Storms, and a Vast Ocean of a Million Stories, Simon Winchester.

Currently Reading: Pirates of New Jersey: Plunder and High Adventure On The Garden State Coastline, Mark P Donnelly, Daniel Diehl.

PS: How Many Trapezoids I Can Draw ... am I limited more by my imagination or by my Photoshop skills?