May 22nd, 2012

krazy koati

When I whip out my Diners Card their eyes get so wide

After the potluck lunch Wednesday of course there were leftovers. Nearly everybody had brought in stuff. The folks who just bought stuff from the store didn't buy so much that it would have fed the whole staff by itself, but the folks who'd made stuff had made enough for everybody, so the refrigerator was stuffed full of leftovers. It turned the cleanup after lunch into that grand three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle to get the door to close. This was fine by me, since I like food, especially when I don't have to make it or buy it. There'd be plenty to have left over Thursday. And there was. Besides cheese and cookies, good for snacking in the morning, there were the pasta and potato salads and whatnot good for a nice, easy premade lunch Thursday.

Especially since the gang on the first floor ordered out lunch on Thursday.

I can understand getting tired of leftovers, but I think you have to have the leftovers first before you can get tired of them. There was evidence of going out for pizza on Friday, too, based on talk come Monday about the boss's son. I can't understand it.

On Monday there were cookies --- some left over, some brought in on a ``thank you'' tray --- and, remarkably, sheet cake left over. The big question was whether to throw out the cake since it was a half-week plus old (although refrigerated). I kept pointing out, maybe it is time to throw it out, but, not until after lunch. There've been leftovers thrown out before lunch on the grounds of suspected staleness in the past. The cake was a little bit stale, but not bad for that, and of course icing doesn't go bad.

Trivia: The Tabard inn on Long Southwark (Borough High Street) may have been the eldest London Bridge tavern, dating back possibly to 1304. It was the start and end point for the pilgrims in Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales. Source: Old London Bridge, Patricia Pierce.

Currently Reading: The Essential Hal Clement, Hal Clement.

PS: Teaching Algebra, or Banging Your Head With a Whiteboard ... another bit of reblogging, but it's of something I want to be sure I remember in future.