June 13th, 2012


Somebody tell me what I'm looking to find

Sunday was the chance for me to actually meet someone I've known online for years, and the last chance I'll have for this curious sort of first meeting before the wedding-connected events of just two weeks ahead. (And just two weeks! Goodness!) In this case it'd be Kinsor, fruitbat of spindizzy_muck, who's come out east for Anthrocon and figured to spend the time ahead of the convention just kicking around New York City, since that is so close to Pittsburgh. (It's not bad reasoning.) Originally we'd thought to get together on Saturday, which would be an awfully interesting convergence since my mother was going up to Manhattan on Saturday to have lunch and a play with one of my aunts (the one bunny_hugger hasn't met who'll be at the wedding), although she was hoping to take the train in and I'm inclined toward the buses. No matter; Kinsor was coming in Saturday all right but didn't think he'd be adequately rested up and ready to hang out that day. I was able the night before to help guide him to a convenience store (``Well, you might try the Duane Reade ... where? Well, ah, are you looking somewhere? Yeah, it's there.'')

So Sunday it was, with an intended meeting time of 2 pm in Union Square Park, from which we'd planned to see ... actually, a couple of stores: the B&H camera shop (just think about a camera and they'll put you on your catalogue mailing list) and The Strand bookstore, and this would be a reasonably convenient meeting spot for both targets. He decided to go to B&H in the morning, though, so that would open up more time for bookstore-meandering, which we'd be able to use because despite our plans to meet at a particular location (at the Dog Run, actually) we didn't manage to meet up there and ended up doing the talking-on-the-hand-phones and looking-for-the-person-on-the-hand-phone-who's-slowly-turning-around thing.

In the process of wandering south towards The Strand we ran first into Cooper Union, which I had honestly forgotten was there, which is a touch embarrassing for someone like me who's pretty near always lived in the New York City media basin, and who's soaked up enough Abraham Lincoln and Civil War stuff that I could probably fill two hours of the History Channel without waking up, if they're on their two weeks per year of Civil War Stuff. And along the way we ran across a comic book shop, so we poked into there and didn't find anything compelling, given that I really want to stay light ahead of my forthcoming move, and he wanted to stay light given that he's flying multiple times in the coming week, but there you go. I'm sure there's comic shops in mid-Michigan.

Trivia: In June 1817 Gregor MacGregor, later of the Poyais scandal, set sail from Charleston, South Carolina, with one ship and about sixty men to take Florida for the United States. (His chosen target, Amelia Island, was essentially lawless at the time.) Source: Sir Gregor MacGregor And The Land That Never Was, David Sinclair.

Currently Reading: Threshold, Eric Flint, seawasp.

PS: When To Run For The Train, avoiding talking about the logic problems I raised and then didn't answer because I didn't have time to write them out.