June 21st, 2012

krazy koati

People so busy, make me feel dizzy, taxi lights shine so bright

For Monday at work I'd hoped to accomplish a couple things. One was adding a little bit of Javascript (actually, jQuery) trickery to a web page so that some data, not being used in a calculation, was hidden from the screen. Simple, right? Eight hours later it still wasn't working. Tuesday I'd have a breakthrough.

I also hoped to meet with the boss to see about what I might do to keep getting money in exchange for whatever the heck it is I've been doing. Since I told him about my leaving six or seven weeks ago, and he promised, ``We'll talk later'', we hadn't talked. In fact, best as I can tell, he hadn't been in the office at all. I'm certainly open to continuing to work, either as a telecommuting employee or coming back for special projects, but it needs his acquiescence, and he ... wasn't in. He promised to come in Tuesday, which I'd hoped to use as a needed day off for packing and whatnot.

However, there was also a farewell and good luck lunch. The potluck luncheon was organized in what was meant to be secrecy, but then one of the computer room guys called to ask where I was going to be that day, and told me where I was expected to be. (It didn't postpone my move, particularly since it's struck me that every week on a payroll is more margin against not finding work in Michigan, but since I've been so quiet about when I was leaving to folks his was a reasonable fear.)

Though held inside, in the conference room, it was pretty near a picnic lunch: hot dogs, cheese sauce, chili, beans, potato salad, macaroni salad, that sort of thing, as well as two kinds of gelatin-based desserts. Everyone's thrilled for us, and for the honeymoon we have planned, and they're all behind the idea that I might continue to work for the company in some way.

I feel like an anomaly. As best I recall, I'm the first person to leave the company voluntarily, except for retirement, that I've seen here. Part of that is that, yeah, it's a frustrating management but a basically comfortable place, with a stable amount of work, so there's not the worry of new hires or layoffs, and it's small enough that few new people are ever needed and few people would have their lives to go back to. But it still feels strange that someone is just walking off, and that I'm doing it.

Trivia: Wilbur Wright was nicknamed ``Jullum'' or ``Ullum'', a name picked up in adulthood and which stuck (at least with his sister Kate), from a customer trying to give ``William'' a German twist. Source: To Conquer The Air: The Wright Brothers And The Great Race For Flight, James Tobin.

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