June 25th, 2012

krazy koati

My curiosity running wild

Now, I did actually decide to keep a trip log while driving out and here's more or less what actually happened, starting from home. I had originally hoped to set out about 8 am, but that didn't work, since among other things I was out rather late with the boss the night before, securing my employment situation, and I had to load the car up in the morning with my parents hovering around offering to help even though there wasn't much to do. But here goes:

  • 9:13. 1.9 miles on the trip odometer (since last refill at Wawa). Set out from Old Home.
  • 9:32. 8.6 miles. Stop at the Regent Diner for a last breakfast in New Jersey. (Athenian omelette.)
  • 10:14. Set out from the diner.
  • 10:23. 13.3 miles. Stop at a 7-Eleven because I really wanted a car wash and the one nearest home had been broken all week.
  • 10:25. Set out from 7-Eleven because their car wash has been broken all week too.
  • 11:09. 40.4 miles. Stop at Rutgers because, uh, I had some books I really needed to return to the library. I'd figured I could make a trip up there sometime sooner but just ran out of evenings. They had a little display niche of local supermarket history, which interested me because why on earth would that not interest someone? It seems that Pathmark has managed to keep the same logo through its whole existence, since the late 60s, which intrigues me since companies go through these jittery moments where they figure they can fix whatever the cause of their current dire extinction-level crises are by changing the logo away from whatever people actually liked, and Pathmark right now is going through such an extinction-level crisis that I believe they're actually going back in time and retroactively closing stores in the hopes of repairing the timeline. (I joke a little, but here's how bad it really is: they were taken over by A&P to save any fragments of the chain.) Also it made me aware of the Jersey Cereal Company which, of course, listed as its addresses Irwin, Pennsylvania, and St Joseph, Missouri, on the boxes of Jersey Corn Flakes.
  • 12:19. Set out from Rutgers. Here I varied from the Google Maps directions because my father insisted it was much easier and quicker to take I-287 up to I-80 rather than go through Easton, Pennsylvania. Perhaps so. But I also deviated from his directions because my little map suggested I could get similar ease-of-navigation benefits while saving on distance and likely time by taking US 206 from I-287 to I-80. I fumbled the getting on 206 part, but finally learned exactly how to get to Bridgewater Commons, which I have no need to do anymore.
  • 12:43. 102.6 miles. Pennsylvania! And a stop at the first welcome area there. I stop to stretch, rest, take photographs, and see if I can get a soda or something. I had several cans of soda in the car, in a thermos bag, but figured I should save them given my father's dire warnings about how Pennsylvania stretches on for about 1400 miles and there's no rest stops or any kind of services once you get past the longitude of Wilkes-Barre.

More happened in Pennsylvania, which shouldn't surprise you.

Trivia: In the May 1870 railroad war between the Erie and the New York Central railroads, the rate for shipping a carload of cattle from Buffalo to New York City dropped from $120 to $100, then to $40, and -- on 25 June -- to $1. Source: The Great Game, John Steele Gordon.

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