June 28th, 2012

krazy koati

Life is very short and there's no time for fussing or fighting my friend

So what did I do after arriving? Well, putter around online some because of course I would. But Friday we'd swing into action early and sleep until like 2 pm. That's wholly justified in many contexts, not least of them that I didn't have to be at work in the morning, and also that I had to recuperate from the drive.

But this would be a change --- for bunny_hugger, as she mentioned, the end of her second bachelorhood; for me, the end of my first, although less of a change since I haven't lived on my own in several years now --- which can probably be best explained by simply how we're no longer visiting one another; we just have a lifetime of ordinary days tomorrow. Here's how the difference can be described: I don't have to summarize every day in a Livejournal entry. They're not events; they're part of everyday life.

Nevertheless we did do special and unusual things. The first was that Friday, when we went to a jeweler's to order rings. bunny_hugger selected the jeweler's, one that advertises heavily in movie theaters and was tolerably nearby. They plied us with cookies and a coffee machine much like my mother's, which they couldn't get to work either, while we looked at the array of simple gold rings. I admit to being somewhat overwhelmed since I haven't worn jewelry ever and couldn't answer basic questions like whether I'd want the comfort fit or the non-comfort-fit kind of ring, or what my ring size was, or whether I have a ring size.

We did pick a pleasant set of rings, and didn't actually faint at hearing the price, though it was close. bunny_hugger had a fair idea what her ring should cost but not much idea what men's rings cost, and I didn't have any idea at all. But they were ready for Wednesday.

Oh, yes, I'd also had to fill my gas tank, the third time in three days the car was filled up. The first attempt at finding a gas station found that there was a mob there full of people not actually moving. The second gas station was easier and I filled up as if that were a reasonable thing for patrons to do.

Saturday we went to a florist to get an arrangement for her and boutonnieres for me. We both went in a little ill-informed. We mostly supposed they'd have different-size sets of arrangements, so when the clerk asked what price range we were looking at, bunny_hugger answered, something in the 50 to 100 dollar range, and he entered 75 dollars on the computer. We didn't realize flowers were quite that fine-grained in pricing options. But we got the arrangement set for pickup Saturday, day-of wedding. (The clerk tending us apparently had only one working arm; he did everything single-handed.)

Trivia: Wibold, the Bishop of Cambray, around 960 AD described 56 virtues, which appeared to correspond to the apparent outcomes on the throw of three dice. Source: Randomness, Deborah J Bennett.

Currently Reading: Opus 300, Isaac Asimov. (I haven't had much time to read; it's been busy.)