July 1st, 2012

krazy koati

Pull out the stopper, let's have a whopper

Tuesday. Pace of events pre-wedding picking up. We clean house, with a lot of sweeping and dusting getting the place into an improved shape. I do a bit of actual work, in my new situation at work, fixing a little plus-or-minus sign bug through logmein. It's painfully slow. Serious work will need a better method, partly because I've learned Visual Studio using some control-key shortcuts that do not translate well between Apple laptop, Java communications scheme, and remotely logged-in desktop.

Wednesday. skylerbunny arrives by plane. We take him home --- he's staying in the guest room --- and despite some interludes where he naps or rests he also helps in laying out what has to be organized and what has to be run for the wedding to proceed. The big thing is house-cleaning, since the house is not in bad shape, although it is dusty and there are things which just haven't been done in a while, like vacuuming behind the pet rabbit's cage. He starts making lists of all the things we think about and that need to be done up to the wedding. We even make a quick run to Kroger to buy cleaning supplies, and the cleaning of things like bathroom sink or the curtains --- don't tell my mother I took curtains off the hangars and ran them through the washing machine or she'll never believe it --- take up surprisingly much of the night. We watch Disappointing Futurama --- less disappointing than we expected, particularly with Nixon rooting for the squirrel to fall --- and settle on a draft of the ceremony.

Thursday. My parents arrive, coming in to Detroit. I go out alone to fetch them; bunny_hugger and skylerbunny worry about other matters like black socks for me --- and him --- and not going to Detroit. I'm late getting there because my mother e-mailed to ask that I get some ``Nominee'' motion sickness pills from CVS. I try a Quality Dairy; they don't have it. Kroger's doesn't have it but thinks another outlet of theirs with a pharmacy might. CVS doesn't have it. I spend nearly an hour on this. When I get to my mother I find she wanted Bonine, something with a completely different name and she blames her phone's spell-check for turning it into ``Nominee'', which doesn't sound like any medicine I ever heard of either, but raises the question, what was the person at Kroger's thinking of?

I bring my parents to the hotel, and we come back to the home where they meet skylerbunny and also my father sees bunny_hugger's rabbit for the first time. He's impressed with the rabbit's size. We spend an hour socializing with bunny_hugger's parents and then go to dinner at Clara's, in the train station, where we've eaten before several times. Another friend joins us there. It's a very good meal, but after it, my parents want to go back to the hotel. Her parents, the friend, and skylerbunny go back to our home, where we spend more time talking until we're pretty well exhausted and ready for bed. 36 hours to go.

Trivia: John Holywood, known as Sacrobosco, who died in 1244 (an Englishman who was professor at the University of Paris) suggested a calendar reform scheme in De anni ratione. The book was not printed until 1538, in Paris. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Benchley --- Or Else!, Robert Benchley.