July 2nd, 2012

krazy koati

Kick up a rumpus but don't lose the compass

Friday. Pace of things building. My parents need a ride from the hotel to the car rental. They want to treat everyone to lunch. We need to find who is everyone and where to have lunch. The car rental place is an auto body shop, but they're sure they can handle the rest without me. The car rental guy says they don't need me to wait either. My parents go from the car rental place to Fabiano's to buy a box of chocolate which they figure we'll eat during the afternoon.

Crisis. One of the guests discovered his driver's license was over a month expired. They let him on the plane with this; they're not so crazy about renting him a car like this. He's stuck at the Detroit airport. We buy him a ticket on the Michigan Flyer, a shuttle bus that'll bring him to somewhere in East Lansing around 3:15. We hope.

My mother doesn't like an idea bunny_hugger and I had had, to open wedding gifts during the cocktail hour. I pass on my mother's opinion. My mother had already passed it on to bunny_hugger. This would add to the anxiety levels except just then bunny_hugger's brother --- who's our music --- calls just that moment. He's forgot his driver's license, which will complicate renting a car in Detroit. Also the rest of his weekend plans to get around and see people. skylerbunny starts working out contingency plans for how to get him where he needs to go.

We eat at Woody's Oasis, near campus, about two blocks from the hotel my parents just left. My parents figure to go back to bunny_hugger's house to just hang out a couple hours while we do other chores. They don't take any hinting about they should maybe go to a Starbucks' or something for a few hours, or maybe check in at the English Inn where they have a room overnight, or something. They sit in bunny_hugger's house, reading.

skylerbunny and I go out to pick up the next friend, who gets off the bus at the temporary location (as the road is torn up for repairs), about a block from the hotel my parents had vacated. We're getting very good at this block. We have other places to go: I managed to break my windshield wiper while cleaning my car windshield, and since there's incredibly severe rainstorms projected I figure that needs replacing immediately. skylerbunny needed his pants hemmed a bit and they've got a tailor's in the balcony level of this one Meijer's. Also we needed to pick up some paperwork at the jeweler's. I install the windshield wipers while skylerbunny and friend argue over what the wiper instructions read, and I get a sugar cookie from the jeweler's because for what we paid for the rings bunny_hugger and I believe we have the right to go in and take sugar cookies anytime we want for life. We would see no rain Friday, nor Saturday.

Trivia: To celebrate the triumphant unionization of bagel workers on 2 July 1909 the parade marched with a loaf of bread fifteen feet long and five feet wide at its front. Source: The Bagel: The Surprising History Of A Modest Bread, Maria Balinska.

Currently Reading: Benchley --- Or Else!, Robert Benchley.