August 7th, 2012

krazy koati

Every year when summer comes round, off to the sea I go

There was no music to wake us the next morning, at 8:30. It was just shipboard announcements that the docking would be in an hour and a half. We showered in the adorably tiny bathroom --- using the weird combination soap/lotion/shampoo that was turning up in more and more of our hotels --- and snacked on remainders of what we'd gotten in Amsterdam the day before, and made sure we had everything packed, and checked that we had filled in our Immigration forms as best as we could figure out. (We weren't terribly sure about the name of our vessel, and actually paying attention to any form is a good way to become unsure about the answers to even the simplest questions on it.) We had over an hour to get ready for our 9 am landing because, as we realized, the ship ran on Central European Time while our 9 am landing was based on British Time, one hour later, or earlier, or, you know what I mean. The relationship Central Time has to Eastern Time.

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We got back after the owner's son had gone to bed, so we didn't know the bed-and-breakfast's Wifi password. Since we'd just come off a hotel with hilariously obvious password we tried a few hilariously obvious ones, but gave up. When we were finally told what it was, bunny_hugger realized she was maybe five minutes away from cracking it. We went to sleep, with the electric fireplace turned on to produce light and no heat, where it served as an awfully good nightlight and way to find the deranged bathroom in the darkest hours.

Trivia: Preliminary volleyball matches for the 1996 Atlanta Games were moved out of Cobb County (to the north of Atlanta) after the county government passed a resolution declaring homosexuality incompatible with community values. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

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