August 9th, 2012

krazy koati

See me dressed like all the sports, in my blazer and a pair of shorts

We got up just a little later Saturday, but in time to get to the first half of breakfast. We were again alone, although some other folks joined us by the end of the breakfast period. We got beans on toast this time, with toast on the side, and a basket of toast, and the owner's son was distressed to see that bunny_hugger hadn't got any cereal, and wondered if some more toast might make up the gap. Again, the beans on toast were a pretty good combination, and I can see the logic of it as a meal.

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He drove us back to the hotel, where we gave in and bought a week's worth of Internet (the alternative was 30 minutes each day for free, which wouldn't do for us), and we got ready for bed. This was another hotel with a combined all-purpose gelatinous fluid for body cleansing, too, although it had two dispensers in the bathroom, one an all-purpose fluid for washing hands and one an all-purpose fluid for bathing, shampoo, and conditioner. The dispenser for soap alone kept jamming on me, so I would do most of my hand-washing with unified soap-shampoo-conditioner, but I did make it out alive.

Trivia: In 2004 Athens became the first Olympics host city with a unified management responsible for both the Olympics and the Paralympic Games. Source: Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement, Editors John E Findling, Kimberly D Pelle.

Currently Reading: Redcoats' Revenge: An Alternate History Of The War Of 1812, David Fitz-Enz. I picked it up from the library because a glance through suggested it was a nonfact textbook, kin to For Want Of A Nail. Actually, it's just a not-very-good historical novel with a lot of expository lumps and a belief that ``The World Turned Upside-Down'' was played at the end of the Revolutionary War. The decent premise is, what if Wellington were sent to take over the British forces in Canada around 1814? He battles Jackson in a new Battle of Saratoga and, well, Canada doesn't actually get some new states because Britain carves a new Province out of their conquests. Also there's an irritating bit where (after the Battle of Plattsburgh) a character talks of how Americans won't forget the 11th of September. Bah and pfaugh.