August 18th, 2012

krazy koati

People so busy, makes me feel dizzy, taxi lights shine so bright

Tuesday --- our last full day in London, since bunny_hugger and I were to fly out of Heathrow Wednesday afternoon --- we again got up too late for the hotel breakfast service. It isn't as though we weren't still up to doing things; we just had been doing so many things for so long that getting rest was more appealing than eating something with the aptly named brown sauce would be. I believe we did finish the last of the snacks we'd gotten in the Netherlands, though, including a bag of cheese rice crackers that was threatening to never leave my possession, before setting out; certainly we finished it by the night, when we had the last of those adorable tiny cans of Coke Zero got in Amsterdam.

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For the last night something glitchy in the hotel's Internet gave Safari the idea that the little icon beside my Twitter bookmark should be a rainbow-style color gradient, red-to-blue, changing horizontally. This wouldn't clear up until actually just today, the 17th. I may have just learned something about bookmark icons.

Trivia: Some spectators paid over £100 for rooms overlooking the route King George III would take to Westminster Abbey for his coronation; others paid up to 1,000 guineas for a day's rent of a suitable house. Source: George III, Christopher Hibbert.

Currently Reading: Flying Saucers, Editors Isaac Asimov, Martin H Greenberg, Charles D Waugh. (Is Waugh still alive? I recall Greenberg died within the last couple years.) (I don't know whether I'm surprised they didn't use novellas from that string Farmer wrote about the guy whose infection by an alien causes him to morph into a flying saucer, a felinetaur, and other things you could found a muck on. Of course, it could have been space constraints or just that Asimov liked other things better.)