August 23rd, 2012

krazy koati

When the city shines like the sun at night

There was a little something from after the concert: we wanted to eat. We didn't get anything before the show since we figured we wouldn't get that hungry and there'd be something around during the show (a mistake; the Majestic had two bars against different walls of the dance floor but if they had any food to serve we missed it) or certainly something in the towns between Detroit and Lansing. Probably we should have got something to eat closer to Detroit, but, in our defense, the Michigan Department of Transportation lied cruelly and repeatedly to us.

Around halfway home we saw a sign promising that at the next stop was an International House of Pancakes. Fine spot to eat, likely open after midnight, and even if it weren't, they also had a Not Bob's Big Boy. We pulled off and drove in the correct direction and found ... no IHOP. Not even anything close to an IHOP. Not even the abandoned building that might in the past have been an IHOP. The satellite navigator couldn't find one either. The whole IHOP thing was an utter lie propagated by the Michigan Department of Transportation. Also the Big Boy was closed because apparently that's something Big Boy is allowed to do now?

The next stop held out the promise of a Bob Evans, which was sure to be open since they never close. Perhaps. But they also apparently never open because there certainly wasn't one at that exit, including going all the way through the attached town. Once again, the Michigan Department of Transportation lied to us. Also at this point we'd spent close to a half hour searching the roads off the Interstate for the promised places we could eat without turning up anything, leaving us close to a half hour away from home.

We didn't attempt anything at the next exits and just made our way home as quick as possible. And I should say for the record: Exit sign information division of the Michigan Department of Transportation, we aren't angry, we're just very, very disappointed in you.

Trivia: Races among actual horses on treadmills formed the basis for the racing genre of theatrical performances in the 19th century. Source: The Know-It-All, A J Jacob.

Currently Reading: Magnificent Failure: Free Fall From The Edge Of Space, Craig Ryan.