September 1st, 2012

krazy koati

Here we are, two very bewildered people

We've been up to more artistic and cultural things too, besides watching other people make fun of Manos and starving to death on the way back from a Walk The Moon/Neon Trees performance. It turns out Lansing has an event dubbed ``Renegade Theater'' where for several days in a row a host of venues around Old Town put on hourlong plays, free to the public, as a way of encouraging people to wander around a section of town I had previously known only for the pet store that's got its own little river. (There's also a fish ladder which I haven't seen yet.) bunny_hugger and I went to one night of this, along with a friend of hers from grad school, and also one of her former professors and his wife. (I'll talk about the plays later since this entry would otherwise turn too huge again.)

Between the shows we went to a bar bunny_hugger had never been to before, nor heard of --- and as it feels too cool to give any hint on the outside that it even exists, how would she have? --- where the professor met up with some students and vanished for a half-hour. The bar, I noticed, had The Machine: Bride Of Pinbot, a rather good pinball game with a billion-point jackpot and quite well simulated on Pinball Arcade.

After the shows we went to another sports bar bunny_hugger had never been to before, but had seen and passed at least. This was a decent enough place though it hasn't got the idea that vegetarians might want to eat something. We made do with nachos and fried globules of cheese, which anyone can agree with. Meanwhile bunny_hugger's friend tried furthering a discusion he was having with, apparently, everyone about the ethics of cloning humans despite the general public not really having any particular feelings about the cloning of humans since 1979, apart from a two-week stretch after the cloning of Dolly the Sheep. The professor countered with questions about the morality of buying any medical care, which meant that I was able to pretty much just keep my eyes open and looking at whoever was speaking and hoping that I wouldn't be called on next.

Trivia: The poem ``Thirty days hath September'' can be dated to 1555, anonymously, when it appeared with the ending, ``All the rest have 31/ Excepting February alone/ Which hath 28 days clear/ and 29 in each leap year''. Source: Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, EG Richards.

Currently Reading: Berlin Embassy, William Russell. Recent reprint of a 1941 book about working at the American embassy to Berlin in 1939-40.