September 17th, 2012

krazy koati

Screen falling off the door, door hanging off the hinges

That we have the newer satellite TV package doesn't mean that everything is perfectly smooth and free of trauma. It's been mostly, particularly since there's only one show I want to watch reliably that isn't in reruns this season (Conan), and we have a month or more until The Price Is Right and Community and a couple others start back up. This gives me, in principle, time to learn the DVR system that isn't quite like the Tivo back at my parents'. Mostly it's a terminology one; instead of setting a recording the on-screen menus say we set timers for shows, which makes it sound like it's just going to change the channel or nag you to change the channel without actually committing to recording, and that throws me. Different styles, that's all.

However. bunny_hugger heard that Walk The Moon, late of our trip to the Majestic in Detroit, was going to be on MTV during their coverage of the MTV People Standing In Front Of MTV Cameras Awards and asked me to record it, since she was at work. I set it, I thought, to record the show, and the preshow, just in case they were there instead. Apparently, I managed to set it to record not just the show but every re-airing of it, which MTV scheduled about 600 times in a two-day stretch alone, and by the time we discovered this and wrestled the system free of the Music Awards's strangle hold, it had also wiped out every single scheduled program timer for the future.

That's more than a little annoying since our DVR can record exactly one show at a time, and we want to get both The Daily Show/The Colbert Report, on at 11 pm most weeknights, and Conan, on at 11 pm. Well, Conan also airs at 1 am, and I don't mind watching the show two hours late. But the DVR is not quite bright enough to figure to record one show at this airing and this lower-priority show at another airing, particularly if we want it to catch all episodes whether they're flagged as new or repeats. bunny_hugger had figured out how to record this, ages ago, when she first set up the Conan timer, but how to do it now? It was a lot of experimentation and finding that it just wasn't scheduling right.

But after a lot of coding, ah, success. Maybe. Stewart and Colbert were in reruns last week so that part of the schedule was moot for us. Also Walk The Moon was actually on the Music Awards Eve show, so we missed them by a day.

Trivia: Mark Twain bought a Remington Model 1 typewriter after he and his friend Petroleum V Nasby (D R Locke) watched the demonstrating typist write a 57-word message in sixty seconds, twice. Later Twain noticed it was the same message both times. Source: The Wonderful Writing Machine, Bruce Bliven Jr.

Currently Reading: Mark Twain On The Damned Human Race, Editor Janet Smith.