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Coati mundane
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Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

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And after we've been on the big Ferris wheel, let's go for a spin in the automobile

bunny_hugger likes to close out her seasons at this park by riding Mad Mouse, the wild mouse. We'd got on it several times during the day, enjoying beautiful views of the deserted parking lot and spotting our car every time. We went on this ride (which also has a small segment of trick track; it's an odd coincidence that this feature that no roller coasters have is on two rides at the same small park) as the park's closing hour approached, and noticed that the entrance gate was still open, so we ducked back around. Our watches ticked closer and closer to the end moment, and it looked like we might be the final riders on the final run of Mad Mouse for the year.

Then, just before the Mad Mouse attendants did close the gate, two more people came in. They chatted some about whether they'd ride in the back row of the two-row mouse cars or the front, and bunny_hugger had a wonderful, brilliant idea to get us the last ride. She offered, ``if you wanted to sit in the front, we'd be glad to sit in back''. I should mention the cars, each of which seats four, had been under-occupied all day for obvious reasons, with one or two people in every mouse. bunny_hugger and I had always sat in the front rows, and wondered why folks would sit in the back (the seats are elevated, though, so it's not like you see less).

The two were happy to ride with us, though, and since the queue was closed, this meant we shared the last ride of Mad Mouse for all of 2012.

Maybe we got the last ride of anything besides the Ferris Wheel, actually. (We had ridden the Ferris Wheel too; since there were so few people lining up, we got pretty steady and uninterrupted movement, the best sort, and some grand views of the park.) We walked around some and saw, for example, the train for Corkscrew was parked partially up the lift hill, and the other rides were nestled in. We assumed there might be some employees-only end-of-season ride time, but it looked like they were tucking the rides in for the winter.

About the last things we saw were the mascotted figures of Lucy and Charlie Brown waving good-bye to the dwindling crowds, and I got a lovely photo of Charlie Brown making his way back into the buildings and, I suppose, to shed his persona. We thought we might have missed the candy shop but, no, they'd just closed several of the entrances to it. bunny_hugger drew a reasonable amount of pick-and-mix candy on considerable discount, and I got an obscene amount which included a bit of experimentation (as in ``what the heck is this'') as well as salt water taffy and Necco wafers.

And as we left, the electronic sign outside the park encouraged people still to buy their 2012 Season Passes.

Trivia: Land from the digging of the New York City subway was used to replenish Governors Island, which by 1900 had eroded from 170 acres (in the Dutch era) to about 70 acres. Source: The Epic Of New York City: A Narrative History, Edward Robb Ellis.

Currently Reading: On The Laps Of Gods: The Red Summer Of 1919 And The Struggle For Justice That Remade a Nation, Robert Whitaker.

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