October 16th, 2012

krazy koati

I bet they're all as warm as toast; they always seem to smile

I'm recovering from a cold over here. It's not a really severe one, as things go, just the sort of cold that makes the day generally rotten. This one grew from apparently out of nowhere last week, when I had gone back east for a couple of days and so the boss could show me off to some clients and to a company selling technology they think might make my programming easier now that this particular part of the programming is done. (Well, if it allows me to throw out a lot of code it probably would be easier to maintain and expand upon.) Fortunately I didn't feel any real symptoms until after the important meeting that I needed to be there for. But along Tuesday I started feeling slowly worse and worse, reaching the point where I had to take stair steps one at a time and my hair started hurting.

Where it got really bad was Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, so I skipped going into the office on Wednesday. Nobody was put off by this, since nobody there is really sure when I should be in anyway. It did leave a box of donuts I'd bought as general gift-to-the-office went to my parents instead, which should go nicely with my father insisting he doesn't snack on junk food anymore even though he does (I should note, he's been losing weight this year at a rate unparalleled since I lost weight back in 2009) and my mother takes junk food only mindfully. Also it meant I missed yoga class, to my disappointment, since I do like the classes and the teacher thinks I bring a good energy to class. Instead I spent the day asleep, which is not a bad way to spend it, except of course that I was far from home.

Since coming back home, I've been mostly accepting the cold as a lingering nuisance. It's been a little sneezy, but a lot more cough-y. I've been gulping down cherry-flavored cough drops about as much as is reasonable. The effect on my throat is uncertain, but the effect on our pet rabbit is unmistakable: he really, really likes my breath with cheery cough drop on it. I have to be careful when he's out of his pen lest he burrow into my mouth. It's a neat effect but I'll be glad when the lingering remnant of this cold finally gives up and goes away.

Trivia: In 1964 a New York City subway train travelled an average of 34,294 miles between breakdowns. In 1984 it managed only 9,000. Source: 722 Miles: The Building of the Subways and How They Transformed New York, Clifton Hood.

Currently Reading: Bloom County: The Complete Library, Volume 5: 1987 - 1989, Berkeley Breathed. The last years of the strip are stronger than I'd remembered them being, but there's still this strain to the goings-on which had been effortless before that.