November 7th, 2012

krazy koati

The laser lights are pretty; we may end up in Mexico City

And as the world hasn't particularly visibly fallen apart let me carry out my promise and give the October report on The Price Is Right Showcase Showdowns. This covers the period from the 1st of October through the 2nd of November 2012, and includes the Halloween episode. I mention that just because for that show the regular cast dressed as old-time carnival stars, with Drew Carey as the barker (not my cute allusion), and one of the models as a snake-hander. There was some joking about whether they were real snakes, but they were, or else they were far-too-good-for-the-need simulacra. The Plinko round even had serpents slithering over the small prizes, or as chefmongoose called them, the chafing dishes. (Oddly, the scarily-priced chafing dishes that sometimes turn up as Plinko prizes weren't on offer this time.) The tally:

First Second Third
Month 18 12 20
Season 23 15 26

The lowest-winning-spin report got its first tie, but for the most part has been won on clean spins, without a spinoff needed. I'm not sure what this signifies but it's surely data of interest to nobody.

No Overspins One Overspin Two Overspins
Solo Win 70 45 55
Tied Win 85 - -
Triple Tie - - -

Also, not really relevant, but this has been a season of double overbids in the Showcase. There's already been nine episodes where nobody won, and that's more than some whole seasons get.

Finally, I am mighty glad that the campaign ads should be subsiding now because I'm tired of meeting all these strange new Michigan names that I want to punch.

Trivia: After the Bayonet Constitution of 1887 was imposed, the United States State Department ruled that American citizens could take an oath to support the new Hawaiian Constitution, vote in local elections, and hold office without losing their American citizenship. Source: The Imperial Cruise: A Secret History Of Empire And War, James Bradley.

Currently Reading: The Virgin of Zesh/The Tower of Zanid, L Sprague de Camp. This ... is satire, right? A spoof at least? It reads like an adolescent spoof of his friends' Star Trek fan fiction.