November 17th, 2012

krazy koati

I know, I won't arrive on time

bunny_hugger and I woke achingly early the Friday that FurFright began so we could get to the airport, and with the same Paul McCartney song stuck in our heads. And not one of the obvious ones, either, making her wonder how I had it in my head. I have no explanation. We stopped at the Quality Dairy for snacks --- I got a chocolate milk on something like a whim as one of the advertisements there just asserted, everybody likes chocolate milk --- and parked at the airport for what we estimated would be just a little less for long-term parking than taking taxis to and from would be.

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As we got to the hotel, the lobby TV was talking about the imminent storm and the possible tracks. I mentioned to bunny_hugger that now that I'd seen front pages of New Jersey newspapers (through dubbing the not-yet-present hurricane ``Frankenstorm'' I was much less worried about it, since what storm could live up to that early hype? One of the people sitting around the lounge said he was worried, and that airlines were already cancelling flights for Monday and Tuesday. A cancelled flight Monday would be a mild nuisance for me and a real pain for bunny_hugger. Thus as we did check in began my habit of obsessively watching, on the airline and the airport schedules, for signs of our flight home being delayed or cancelled. There wasn't anything yet.

Trivia: After several of the ``match girls'' at the Bryant & May factory were interviewed by the press in June 1888 about their atrocious working conditions they were fired, with their final pay (2s/8d, 3s/6d, and 1s/8d) received only after signing statements stating they were satisfied with their working conditions. Source: The 13th Element: The Sordid Tale Of Murder, Fire, and Phosphorous, John Emsley.

Currently Reading: The Long Road Home: The Aftermath Of The Second World War, Ben Shephard.

PS: Going Fishing In Pi, a fun recreational activity which I recommend.