December 6th, 2012

krazy koati

We rattle this town

I don't often drink, but what the heck, we were at The Loft to see Walk The Moon in concert so, why not? The bar had a special on Blue Moon beer, and I figured to go with the Moon theme, and so bunny_hugger got to wish she'd brought her camera to show me at possibly my hippest ever: hanging out, beer in hand, ``tribal'' paint on my face, at a concert for a band just starting to make the big time. She's been elevating my general coolness.

The opening act, On An On, was under the impression they were in East Lansing, a place they shouted out to several times. They were east of the Capitol but that's about it, but maybe they figured they were playing to all the Michigan State students out there. Or they're supporting Mayor Virg Bernero's consolidation proposal and just disagree about the name for a (hypothetical) unified city. They weren't too different in style to Walk The Moon, pretty fun songs to hear, and let's hope for good things for them once they figure out Lansing versus East Lansing. (I'd also joked to bunny_hugger that they might cover The Kinks' ``Father Christmas'', which don't worry if you don't get the joke.)

In the break between shows the speakers played miscellaneous tunes, one of which, Tears For Fears's ``Everybody Wants To Rule The World'', was also played when we went to Walk The Moon back in August. bunny_hugger reminded me of something I failed to report back then: at the Majestic, some of the crowd sang with it, until someone cried out, ``Stop singing along, you hipsters!'' Alas, nobody was singing along here that I noticed.

Walk The Moon did a set about an hour and change long, with no particular break, unless you count some time spent waiting for some glitch in the lead singer's keyboard to get fixed. Most of their songs were from their breakthrough album, ``Walk The Moon''; there were a couple from their earlier albums, and one that they'd written while touring in Europe the past couple months. They hit almost all the songs one would expect, and bunny_hugger took the chance during ``Anna Sun'' to look out the windows at the streets of Lansing, mixing together a great song and a great band and a wonderful night and the city she loves so.

Trivia: In the first ten seconds after launch a Saturn V would rise 450 feet, but have burned 140 tons or about four percent of the liftoff weight in propellant. Source: The Apollo Guidance Computer: Architecture and Operation, Frank O'Brien. (I wonder if any follow-on or improvement plans considered building an elevated launch platform, or whether it's just impossible to, like, build a 450-foot tall platform in Florida swampland. Probably it'd just be easier to put solid rocket boosters on the Saturn V, which by the way is a really good look for it.)

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