December 8th, 2012

krazy koati

We rattle this scene

For the encore set --- starting just as bunny_hugger and I were getting to discuss the oddness of the expected-encore performance --- Walk The Moon started with a song by ... oh, now, I forget, but it was definitely a band with a familiar name. (Stone Temple Pilots? Not sure. My wife will be sure.) And then they finished with the obvious song left out of the regular set, ``I Can Lift A Car'', the one that begs for audience participation in the form of raising the roof and swaying one's arms, and also another great song to close the performance on.

We did join the merchandise line, massive as it was, since they had Walk The Moon's first RCA album in vinyl form. The line was curiously slow, possibly because the guy working the register kept getting called off to side conversations. But the album, while pricey, is also really solid, feeling much more substantial than the stuff in our collection of pre-CD record players; probably that's an important piece now that LPs are more prestige items. The lyrics insert also had the words written in handwriting rather than typed text, giving a more homemade feel to them. We listened to that on our newly-restored record player, and boy does a brand-new record sound good on that.

bunny_hugger also picked up a band poster, a design with the head of a lion on the body of a man, and with most of the decorative elements being the song names written decoratively. Can't tell me that's not neat, too.

Trivia: In 1921, its peak year, the Connecticut shade-grown tobacco was 45 million pounds. Source: The Old Post Road: The Story Of The Boston Post Road, Stuart H Holbrook.

Currently Reading: The Toon Treasury Of Classic Children's Comics, Editors Art Spiegelman, Françoise Mouly.

PS: Reading the Comics, November 21, 2011, more comic strip stuff.