December 30th, 2012

krazy koati

May your days be merry and bright

Christmas Day featured the events you might expect for grown-up kids at their parents (or in-laws') home. We did get up in the morning although not the pre-dawn waking time that I see in comic strips most of the time. (We never had that, when my family was growing up, possibly because my parents laid down a rule that Christmas couldn't start before some reasonable hour.) We had breakfast and the dogs were again terrified to learn I was still a lingering physical object in their house, but they settled down for nearly fifty minutes before noticing me again.

Opening presents took some time, since we're at the age where it's fun lingering over everything and we added some fussing over stuff like keeping the better-looking bows (some of them were certainly deserving of that). bunny_hugger's brother also wrapped a few things extremely ornately, suggesting that he could start an arms race to have one over-decorated present each year. This one had, besides the paper and bow, and ribbons, a ribbon tied around another ribbon in a neat application of one of Zeno's Purchases.

I'm glad to say the gifts I'd bought for her family were well-received, not least because bunny_hugger gave me extremely good advice on what they should likely want. (One neat parallel was that I'd given her mother Charles Mann's 1491: Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus; she gave to me something from my wish list, Mann's 1493: Uncovering The New World Columbus Created. I'd suggest trading later on although I'd already read 1491.) So I'd have to call this half of Christmas-giving --- my family we saved stuff for so we could see them in person --- successful.

We did think carefully, maybe for too long, about whether to spend another night at their place. The advantages in spending another night would be not having to drive near midnight, and having more time with her brother, and maybe getting the chance for another round of Betrayal... The disadvantages would be spending another night away from home and running the risk of being caught in the projected 10 am snowstorm. We chose to go home instead, but it was a close thing.

Trivia: In December 1863 Paul Borel and Alexandre Lavelley formed the partnership of Borel, Lavalley, and Company. Its machines would dig 75 percent of the Suez Canal's soil. Source: Parting the Desert: The Creation of the Suez Canal, Zachary Karabell.

Currently Reading: A Mile Beyond The Moon, Cyril Kornbluth. Granted that Kornbluth didn't like people, some of these stories leave me wondering whether he liked the concept of people if they could have been implemented better. ``The Little Black Bag'' continues to have the latest date I've seen for a forecast of the United States surviving as a political entity, though, of 2450 AD.