January 13th, 2013

krazy koati

This is the place I used to know

The hard part was not waking up, although we were getting sluggish about doing that. Nor would it be going to our diner for a light breakfast-or-lunch, whatever you wanted to call it. We're always glad to go there even if it is under a new name and has a gently expanding menu. It was a happy touching, back to the day we'd got engaged one year before, and to all of our visits, all the way back to our first meal together. The challenge would be to the other touch of our previous New Year's Day. We were going to try going to Seaside Heights.

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We couldn't get to the carousel; that building's still closed, the ride itself still not properly inspected. And we didn't go too near the FunTown Pier, or to the candy shop where we've bought salt water taffy before. It'd be too heartbreaking to see if it was closed or destroyed.

But we managed what we could, and it was more than we'd expected.

Trivia: Boris Iofan's design for the Palace of the Soviets featured (by the late 1930s) an effigy of Lenin which would have been about 330 feet high, with an outstretched right arm pointing towards the Kremlin. The 20-foot-long fingertips would be lost in cloud much of the year. Source: The Edifice Complex: How The Rich And Powerful --- And Their Architects --- Shape The World, Deynan Sudjic.

Currently Reading: Great North Road, Peter E Hamilton.