January 15th, 2013

krazy koati

Where I once shared my life with you

My mother had to leave before bunny_hugger and I woke our last day, when we'd be flying back. She wished us well the night before, as we wrapped up presents for the family members who wouldn't be down for the holidays. (My father promised to mail them out; we fit them into flat-rate priority mail packages.) But we were up just in time for my father to wish us well as he went off to work. We packed up everything, stopped at Wawa for coffee (or tea, in my case), and headed up to return the rental car (I learned at the gas station island I didn't know which side the gas tank was on, because I'd misread the dashboard arrow pointing which way it was going; look, it was a complicated arrow, OK?), and wait for Southwest to fly us home.

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Trivia: No drawing of the London Bridge from its first three hundred years of existence is known have been made or to have survived. Source: Old London Bridge: The Story Of the Longest Inhabited Bridge In Europe, Patricia Pierce.

Currently Reading: Great North Road, Peter E Hamilton. I think the thing I find hardest to buy in this story of stargate-linked worlds and megacorporate intrigue and space-monster murder investigations is the idea that the hugely ambitious clone-sons of a fanatically obsessive man would keep to the same (convenient for the reader) naming scheme for their clone-offspring for three to four generations.