January 21st, 2013

krazy koati

I really can't stay

I won't deny there are things I miss about Singapore life: that I had an academic job with a really easy schedule, for one, and great students. That I was on the outskirts but still within bus and subway line service of an exciting city. That there were four major food cultures come together. But I really, really got into how the high temperature for every single day was 92 degrees Fahrenheit and the low about 74 and it just didn't get any colder than that.

I can take cold. It gets tolerably cold in New Jersey, although usually for only a couple days at a stretch. But I did do eight winters in Troy, New York, where the first flurries may come as early as Columbus Day and the last may come as late as Labor Day, and going a month without breaking freezing is not unheard-of for May, and to be really cozy in bed you need a couple layers of blankets and to go to the bedroom about a half-hour before you mean to sleep so you can set the box spring on fire.

So it's not like I'm facing the mid-Michigan winter without precedent here. And it hasn't been a bad winter, so far: a couple of snowstorms, none very large; a couple weeks of weather in the 20s, although leavened by a warm snap recently that got into the upper 50s as if that made sense for Michigan in January. But this weekend has seen the temperature drop like a rock; today it was about 18 Fahrenheit when bunny_hugger went outside to fill the squirrel and the birdsquirrel feeders, and Monday isn't looking to be any better.

As I say, I can take cold, but I'm not necessarily saying I approve of this.

Trivia: The early-baseball ceremony of the losers presenting the game ball to the winners was important enough that in 1872 the National Association of Amateur Base Ball Players issued specific instructions for ``Furnishing the Ball'. Source: But Didn't We Have Fun? An Informal History Of Baseball's Pioneer Era, 1843 - 1870, Peter Morris.

Currently Reading: The Triumph Of Numbers: How Counting Shaped Modern Life, I B Cohen.