January 26th, 2013

krazy koati

I'm making observations, and character simulations

I haven't done a photo entry in a while. Let me flood your Friends page with some. These ones are all from Utrecht, and my honeymoon, and that wonderfully happy time.

P7040781.jpg This little polar bear figure was just outside a hotel that we passed pretty much every day, since it was on the path leading to the city center of Utrecht from our hotel. I have no explanation for why there should be a polar bear figure there; it simply was. I do have a fondness for things that are a touch odd and simply are, and of all those things, this is one of them.
P7040782.jpg Though I lived half a decade in Singapore I never got over the delight I felt at seeing really tiny cars like foreigners use. Even less when it's really tiny trucks. This truck was probably shorter than my Scion tC, already a subcompact, but it made up for that in being just adorably tall. I'm fairly certain that a stiff breeze or a quick glance at it would case the car to tip over, but it must serve some role.
P7040792.jpg One of the theater chains was indeed named Wolff, and it's got that sweet late 60s abstracted logo style. There were three theaters in town that bunny_hugger and I spotted, and they weren't all called Wolff City. I do vaguely remember there being a Snow White movie out last summer, but I think Jackie was probably a European-release thing, and I have no explanation for the Intouchables.
P7040803.jpg This rabbit version of The Thinker made for a great landmark, nearly as distinctive as the bicycle parking lot that offered an ocean of bikes to see. It's got a pleasant enough park around it. Somewhere nearby, allegedly, was a supermarket museum, but I couldn't figure out where.
P7040811.jpg It's impossible to visit a foreign place and not be struck by what's different. For example, here, there's a whole different store chain taking the role of Apple Stores. This particular outlet was closed for renovations (it was bare plywood and drywall inside despite being ten days away from opening), but I did poke into a different outlet just a few blocks away and, yeah, it was an Apple Store just made much tinier. I have no explanation for the Go Grit sign.
P7040812.jpg Just the name of the Ola Happiness Stations brought me to smiling. The Mannekinpis was selling French fries and apparently pretty successfully, in that I saw one guy digging through the garbage, taking a half-eaten cone of fries out, and eating the salvage. I was not that interested in the 1e prijs beste frites.

Trivia: In lie-detector tests on bank employees in the early 1930s, Leonarde Keeler found between one-tenth and one-quarter of employees confessed to thievery, typically dips into the petty cash. Keeler urged managers not to fire employees, but to retest them regularly. Source: The Lie Detectors: The History Of An American Obsession, Ken Alder.

Currently Reading: A Game Of Inches: The Stories Behind The Innovations That Shaped Baseball, Peter Morris. Who, based on the author's foreword, lives just down the street. Well, a couple towns over, but still, almost within spitting distance of the guy who draws Frazz.

PS: How Fast Is The Earth Spinning?, a little trivia question to work on along the way to the whole Arthur Christmas puzzle.