February 9th, 2013

krazy koati

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

The happy news first. My sister and her husband finally had the chance to send our Christmas presents out to us. They promised it'd be something which would encourage us to visit them in their new home. So it was: they bought sponsorship for a coati at the World Aquarium, in Saint Louis, located within the City Museum. I'm not positive how a coati ranks placement in a ``World Aquarium'', but Wikipedia does note the facility holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of two-headed creatures. (Eleven.)

So, happy news, and for that I tweeted about how my empire of zoo-adopted coatis was growing, what with having them in facilities near two Six Flags theme parks.

You know where this must be going.

The Popcorn Park Zoo e-mailed to report that Cocoa, the coati I'd had adopted there since skylerbunny thought of it, has died. They attribute it to old age, which as he was fifteen years old (they believe) seems plausible. He'd been at the zoo for nine years.

They've transferred my sponsorship --- I hadn't realized I was curious what was done in this case until they said what they did --- to Benny the binturong (though I could ask for another animal if I wanted). Benny was rescued from a Michigander who thought his first binturong, Shawmut, needed a companion, and learned that sometimes a pair of exotic animals brought together like that will just spend all their time fighting. I'm not sure how Benny and Shawmut got from Michigan to Ocean County, New Jersey, but such is rescue life.

Trivia: Into the 20th century naturalists were still dividing the coati into two species, Nasua sociabilis (the social coati) and Nasua solitaria (the lone coati). (The lone coatis were the adult males of the tribe; the social, every other member.) Source: Chulo: A Year Among The Coatimundis, Bil Gilbert.

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