February 28th, 2013

krazy koati

Piece by piece, only way to make a work of art

So, my brother's self-improvement plan: he says that his program is to do three things each month. One of them is to take a course in something, anything. It can be in person or it can be online; the point is, to keep learning stuff, and to meet new people. There's an undercurrent of professional networking to this, which does not come naturally to me, but which is certainly necessary if I'm to move beyond shuffling HTML around for pay.

The second part of the plan is to at least one a month meet up with someone he knows. You can see where this feels like professional networking advice, but it is also something worth doing for keeping friendships vital. Yes, there's online communication, but that's got a combination of ubiquity and effortlessness that dilutes it. Hanging out with someone in a restaurant for a couple hours has more impact. My brother admits that, for right now, this would be a difficult goal for me to meet, but given time that would solve itself.

The last part is, once a month, meet someone new. This could be someone met at classes, could be meeting in person someone known online, could be meeting someone that someone you know knows. And again that sounds sensible, as professional-networky as it feels.

On that thought, though, he suggested that he could talk to the editor of that Oh, Sandy book for which a contribution was accepted, and we could all go to dinner or something. That did sound like a good idea. Unfortunately, his boss's father died, and that scrambled my brother's evening plans, and we haven't been able to put something back together. Perhaps we'll meet up next time I'm in the state.

Trivia: The British capture of Fort Washington in 1776 netted them 2,837 Americans, as well as arms, tools, tents, blankets, and 146 brass and iron cannon. Source: 1776, David McCullough.

Currently Reading: Listening To Radio, 1920 - 1950, Ray Barfield. It's interesting reading all these accounts, but there is a touch of Get Off My Lawnism to this, particularly the guy who comments about how Swing stopped on December 31, 1945 (I suppose near enough) and then they went and stopped bothering to make any music in December 1949. Ah … yeah. Really.