March 4th, 2013

krazy koati

Who's the most remarkable, extraordinary fellow?

[ Sorry to be late. Had to watch some 80's movies lest bunny_hugger be too stunned that I still hadn't seen them. ]

Thursday was another presentation day, although this one didn't require any of us carpool since we were all going to a spot inside our home county. (In fact, a spot just off the main library branch, so I knew it well.) We just went separately and got there feeling pretty good, considering. This was much the same presentation, although there were two different orientation packets designed for two different web sites put in, something I did not realize until after a while of giving stuff out. This forced us to a round of ``did everybody get both the thick and the thin handout?'' and teaches me that if there are two handouts, either you have to bundle them together or you have to give them such different cover designs nobody would mistake them.

But things went basically all right, except that my web site actually responds poorly if you have to squeeze it through a Mi-Fi device that's in a cell phone black hole, as we were. I have got various improvements in the works so that it'll be less demanding of big uninterrupted swaths of bandwidth, but that wasn't much help then. Nor was the boss interrupting my topics to explain what I should be getting to, especially when I was getting to it, but that'll happen when he doesn't actually identify what he wants presented ahead of time.

Afterwards we went to lunch, of course, in a nearby Italian restaurant, attached to some kind of regular meeting of a professional association that many of our clients had been going to (which meant also our presentation had a wonderful, hard, inarguable cutoff point, a great thing). So we had a decent lunch occasionally finding that we were being called from the far end of the room to answer about whether something or other could be done (``Certainly! When by?'').

Driving back took me near a cute little comic book shop where I discovered somebody's been reprinting old Popeye comics, and a couple of other interesting-looking comics, including I admit the New Jersey variant cover for Justice League of America. I was thinking to buy them, but the owner was out for something or other. I waited for a reasonable time, trying to not look awkward around the owner's friend who was kind of watching stuff but not able to ring me up. Eventually, a guy who looked uncannily like a two-thirds scale model of baar_bear came in, and in one smooth walk down the wall scooped up one of every comic I had considered enough to pick up, then asked where the owner was and got the same information I had.

But I couldn't spend all day waiting to buy stuff I don't actually need, and could surely get from someplace in town, so I put the Popeye books back and left without anything. Unfortunately I didn't get back to the comic shop before returning home.

Trivia: George Washington was sworn into his second term on 4 March 1793. John Adams was sworn in 2 December 1793, when the Senate first met. Source: From Failing Hands: The Story of Presidential Succession, John D Feerick.

Currently Reading: Donald A Wollheim Presents The 1989 Annual World's Best SF, Editor Donald A Wollheim.