March 21st, 2013

krazy koati

You're reading all those high fashion magazines

Some splendid news! The anthology, Oh Sandy: An Anthology Of Humor For A Serious Purpose, has come out. For just now it's in Kindle e-book version only and the editor, Lynn Beighley, is working on some formatting issues so it's getting a little bit fixed again. But it's also to appear in print through CreateSpace which I admit I haven't heard of before. The print versions are supposed to be available through Amazon and Amazon Europe in around a week. Proceeds are to go to organizations aiding victims of Hurricane/Superstorm Sandy. And I have a slice, a couple hundred words, out of the total collection.

The editor has talked about the need to promote it, which is something new to me. While I've coauthored two books before they were academic books, for which promotion just isn't done because you really, really can't sell someone an $80 book about statistical mechanics treatments of inviscid fluid flow. University libraries might buy it, but I've never been in one which had it. I'm skeptical there'd be much interest in readings about the book from my base in Michigan, but perhaps something might be worked up while I was back east for something. The editor also mentioned podcasts, which are a form of audio communication that it seems like I ought to be interested in, except I've just never got the hang of listening to them. I'm sure that my voice, combining as it does soft tones and a mushy, indescribable accent, would be perfectly suited to MP3 formatting.

Trivia: Hollywood, California, was founded by one Horace Wilcox, a prohibitionist hoping to establish a community based on his sober, religious principles. Source: Know-It-All, A J Jacobs.

Currently Reading: Stillwell and the American Experience in China 1919 - 45, Barbara Tuchman. I understand what Tuchman was getting at in speaking of Chinese poverty of the 1920s by mentioning it as a land where few of the people had milk, but that made me wonder whether lactose tolerance is actually common among the ethnicities in China. Not quite curious enough to check, though. Just by raising the question I can trust someone else to answer it.