April 9th, 2013

krazy koati

Wherever you go, whatever you do

I have been on several business trips since marrying bunny_hugger, leaving her for stretches lasting from five to ten days. Last week, though, I got the first taste of the other way around as she went off on a business trip, at least as academics define business, to give a brief talk. I'd have liked to have gone, but the cost was just too much for me, particularly as bunny_hugger used up her travel allowance from work for this academic year.

So what did I do rattling around the house without her? Nothing very different from what I do the days she's off teaching, really. The day-to-day stuff of doing the programming work I'm telecommuting to would carry on without interruption, for example, although in the evening toward dinnertime it would stand out that she wasn't going to be home any minute now. Also I did need to clean the rabbit's litter box once, but that's not a real inconvenience. I've learned from my parents' cats how to clean that with a lot less fuss (just put the whole bin inside a trash bag and turn it over). It's really at night and going to bed that I notice how big the bedroom is and how we're not talking.

I suspect that our pet rabbit was more bothered by this all, though. He did seem to be spending quite a bit of time moping. I tried to help him along by giving him more time out of his pen, the better to romp around, although he spent several hours at one point just laying on the couch where bunny_hugger normally sits and pressing his face into the cushion. He also tried to eat the pillows and a blanket when he thought I wasn't looking, so it's not like he was completely neglecting his priorities. But he did greet the returned bunny_hugger with ... actually, less enthusiasm and more surprise than I expected, even though I warned him when she was coming back. He may just be bothered by stuff being out of the routine.

Trivia: Marie Curie's first, Polish, education was in the Flying University, which to avoid detection by the Russian government met in new locations each week. Source: Oxygen: The Molecule That Made The World, Nick Lane.

Currently Reading: India: A History, John Keay.

PS: Reading the Comics, April 5, 2013. I can't believe I overlooked linking to this one so long, but it's more mathematics in the comic strips.