May 8th, 2013

krazy koati

And then I'm gona put you way down here

While the new Doctor Who has been doing its best to shake me off as fan --- and bunny_hugger might have walked long ago except for the fun in rage-tweeting about it --- we are stil clinging on, at least until the end of this season's big stupid mess makes River Song out to be Dalek Clara or something at least a gibberish goes on. But there's a local group that usually gets together to watch the show when there's a new episode, or for some other special affairs.

One of them is that BBC America has been showing select episodes and hagiographic hours about the various Doctors, in turn, the last Sunday of each month, and for last month we joined the group, just up the road from our place, to watch a Fourth Doctor adventure. We'd be crazy to skip an event that was that near to us, particularly given the number of them who're into the Original Who. And this was a potluck-type affair, with everybody bringing what they felt like. bunny_hugger made brownies which improved as the night went on and they cooled, the remnants of which I foolishly gave away in exchange for other guests' cookies. I thought I was being sociable is all.

The Fourth Doctor episode, ``The Pyramids of Mars'', was good and exciting and watching in a group that's enthusiastic and usually talking about the show is a great experience. I hope there's to be other gatherings for the other Doctor Retrospectives which we'll catch.

Before we did go, we made the time to see that week's new Doctor Who, lest we be spoiled, although the story --- ``Journey to the Centre of the Tardis'' --- was a big stupid reset-button mess that Captain Janeway thought was a hopelessly muddled bit of time-travel nonsense. As it happened nobody mentioned a word of it. We had missed the group party for that episode's airing and I'm a bit curious what the group's reaction was, although bunny_hugger and I seem to be the hardest of the group on new episodes.

Trivia: Jean Baptiste Gaspard Bouchart de Saron announced 8 May 1781 --- less than two months after Herschel's discovery --- that Uranus had to be at least 14 AU from the sun. In Search of Planet Vulcan, Richard Baum, William Sheehan.

Currently Reading: The Yugo: The Rise And Fall Of The Worst Car In History, Jason Vuic.